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about me

Hey there, I’m Jenna! Most days you can find me being a space geek at Schriever Air Force Base operating on satellites, or painting in my studio in my off hours. I am most known for my oil paintings of bright landscapes and wildlife...even people on base refer to me as “that girl who paints”. I enjoy serving my little tribe by generating bits of beauty for others to enjoy, whether that be through painting custom pieces of nature that bring homes to life, sharing photos I’ve taken that are warm and full of light, or writing to people who need a little kindness in their life. My goal is to make art that speaks to the souls of other humans by making them feel understood, inquisitive, and full of wonder. Mother Nature has the power to do all of that. 


Wherever I go, I encourage people to get into the great outdoors every single day (even if it’s for 15 minutes!) as it is proven to provide huge benefits to our mental health and general development. In fact, a portion of the proceeds of my work goes to the Trust for Public Land, which creates and preserves land that everyone can experience. 


I’m also passionate about bringing movement, such as yoga, dance, and running, to sedentary work environments where unhealthy lifestyles are unintentionally encouraged. 


Finally, I have a degree in English and Fine Art from the United States Air Force Academy and a love affair with literature. Using books to learn and work my imagination to the fullest degree will always be an important part of my life. I also think it’s super interesting to share the experience of books with others! (Want to start a book club, anyone?)


I create paintings for people who:

  1. Are yearning for a living environment that inspires them

  2. Struggle with deciding on the right finishing touches for the space they have worked so hard to create

  3. Wish they could snap their fingers and create the art that means a lot to them while complimenting their space with ease

  4. Are looking for: 

                        -the vision they have in their head but can never seem to find online 

                        -a community of art lovers who want to give beauty to the world 

                        -peace, connection, honesty 

                        -a no-fuss buying experience at a fair price 

                        -something valuable that they can experience for years to come and increases in

                         value from their initial investment

                        -a piece that grows with them on their journey through life

  5. Desire to have art that people are stunned by/ can talk about/ has a story/ is original. 

  6. Are totally into: 

                        -getting outside and seeing the beauty in the small things

                        -using their creative power and trying new things 

                        -learning the process of art making

                        -finding meaning, spirituality, and purpose in the world 

                        -seeing and curating beauty to make every day inspired and enjoyable 

                        -loving people 

                        -giving others the gift of art. 

  7. Want to grow into someone with:

                       -a Joanne Gaines eye for interior design

                       -a sensory masterpiece of a home

                       -a go-giver mindset

                       -a layered, rich, present, spiritual lifestyle

                       -an active creative writing or art practice      

  8. Can’t figure out any number of technical aspects of interior design, creative writing, painting, photography, composition, layering, etc.

 As an artist I have created around 400 paintings, exhibited in various galleries, and was recently accepted into Art of the Cosmos show in Pasadena California, 2020. 

When I’m not busy painting you can catch me hiking, rock climbing or hunting with my amazing husband, who is also a Second Lieutenant and lives in Colorado Springs with me. We dream of the day when we can move back to my original home state, Montana, where I will hopefully outgrow my allergies to everything fuzzy and cute. 


Favorite Places to Travel (so far): 

1) Iceland - stunning landscapes and gorgeous people

2) Amsterdam - amazing transportation, cool Airbnbs, incredible museums

3) France - Ham and butter sandwiches and Muse Dorsee. What more could you want in life?

4) London - practically America with great theatre and more history. Brixton is def where it’s at for food. 


If you are dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:

  1. I practiced classical ballet, tap, and jazz for 13 years of my life, beginning at age 5

  2. I cut all of my hair off for basic in 2014

  3. My favorite dessert is strawberry pretzel

  4. I make myself a smoothie every day for breakfast: avocado, spinach, frozen mango, lime

  5. My favorite fiction series is still Eragon by Christopher Paolini, while my fav novel is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.  

Still here? Let’s connect!

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